D-SEND#1 Overview



JAXA conducted the D-SEND#1 drop tests on May 7th and 16th in 2011 at Esrange test range in Sweden supported by the Swedish Space Corporation(SSC). The low sonic-boom design results have been validated with an axisymmetric body for the first time.

The D-SEND Database provides the geometries of two D-SEND#1 models named NWM(N-wave Model) and LBM(Low-Boom Model) as well as these drop profile data and sonic boom data obtained in both drop tests.

  1st Drop Test 2nd Drop Test
Balloon Release Time AM5:44 7th May,2011 LT AM5:30 16th May,2011 LT
Separation Time AM7:02 7th May,2011 LT AM7:36 16th May,2011 LT
Separation Altitude About 21km About 27km
Maximum Mach Number About M=1.4 About M=1.7


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