D-SEND Experimental Data

Axisymmetric Model Drop Test
  • To acquire the airborne boom measurement technique.
  • To make sure the possibility of the low-sonic-boom design concept validation with a scaled model.
  • To prepare the D-SEND#2 flight test
    (Test protcol and measurement system check)
Airplane Model Drop Test
  • To demonstrate both front and rear shock shaping design.
  • To acquire the low-boom sonic-boom signature measurement
  • To obtain the validation data for low-boom sonic-boom signature
    propagation tools.
Airborne Blimp Boom Acquisition System Check Test
  • To establish sonic-boom measurement technique
    (airborne, on the ground).
  • To gather the data for sonic-boom evaluation.
  • To make sure the validity of the flight test in the D-SEND project.
  • To obtain the validation data for sonic-boom prediction method.

Latest information

2012/5/30 English page was released.
2012/3/30 D-SEND Database was released.
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